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Brandon Staley

Brandon Staley, The New Chargers’ Head Coach

The Los Angeles Chargers made a fresh announcement this Sunday night. They made it known that Brandon Staley will be the new head coach...
Amazon start-up Zoox unveils autonomous electric vehicle

Amazon start-up Zoox unveils autonomous electric vehicle

Amazon acquired autonomous vehicle company Zoox in 2020; here’s what its first electric robo-taxi looks like.

5 Human Things AI Can Predict Better Than Humans

Human neurons operate at about 200 Hz, while axons may carry action potentials at the approximate speed of 120 m/s. What about modern microprocessors...

Why should you trade and invest in cryptocurrency in 2021? 

For the last few years, cryptocurrency has been on the news headlines and almost every social media platform. However, most people still look at...
ELY Stock

The Most Effective Strategy for Profitable Investments

Indeed after a decade of its dispatch and the reality that it isn’t ‘new’ Bitcoin remains potential speculation. You'll make cash with bitcoin through...