Taylor Swift Honors Don McLean

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers at the moment. She is an immensely talented singer and has a unique voice. It is her voice that makes her stand out from the rest. She has innumerable hit numbers to her name. The singer seems to be having a great time at the moment. She has had one of the best years in her singing career. 

A chunk of the credit goes to her recent release ” Red”. The album is originally a re-recorded version of her previously released score. The earlier album was released in 2012. The album had been a great success among her fans. There were several new songs included in the album. “All Too Well” was the most famous song from her recent album. The duration of the song is ten minutes and it was highly anticipated by the fans. The composition is a ballad that is rumored to be a representation of Swift’s breakup. 

All Too Well gained huge popularity in a small amount of time. The song quickly found its way to the summit of the Billboard 100. The song topped the charts and almost cemented its position. The original song could not gather much attention. The older version’s best ranking was 80. The track also made history by breaking the record of Don McLean. Let us learn more about the story below. 

Taylor Swift Breaks Don McLean’s Record 

Taylor Swift’s recent song displaced McLean’s “American Pie” from the top. “All Too Well” became the lengthiest song to top the Billboard 100. The record was made after a period of fifty years. She took this opportunity to thank the veteran singer. 

Taylor Swift sent a bouquet of flowers to Don McLean. She also followed it up with a note that was handwritten. McLean acknowledged the gesture and posted the pictures on Twitter