Telegram Is The Latest Company To Make Antitrust Complaint Against Apple

Just a day after Apple went for a hearing called by the House Antitrust Subcommittee, another complaint has popped up against Apple. This time it’s by Telegram, a messaging app.

Reports suggest that the complaint was submitted at the European Union’s competition regulator.

The main arguments against Apple were clearly listed out in a blog post made by the co-founder and CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov a few days ago.

The complaint is majorly against the 30% commission that Apple claims. Durov suggests that this commission requirement is totally based on myths. In his blog post he reiterates Apple’s 7 myths of claiming a 30% commission and places his arguments accordingly.

He claims that Apple is being disingenuous when it claims that the commission allows Apple to maintain its App Store.

Durov’s blogpost is detailed with his arguments in place. He writes, “Developers don’t really have a choice between iOS and Android: if they want to create a service that is socially relevant, they will have to build apps for both platforms in the mobile duopoly. Try to imagine Telegram or TikTok as Android-only apps and you will quickly understand why avoiding Apple is impossible.”

Durov even debunks Apple’s claim that its commission is in line with other platforms as well.