Ticketmaster Apologizes For Taylor Swift Tour Fiasco

Taylor Swift

Ticketmaster claimed on Friday that it doesn’t really understand Susie’s suffering.

In a statement released on Friday, the ducats organization expressed regret for the technological snafu that prevented fans from obtaining the coveted seats for Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour.”

Although we aim to make the process as simple as possible for fans, many individuals have had trouble purchasing tickets for Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour. We want to start by offering our sincere apologies to Taylor and all of her fans, especially those who experienced a terrible time attempting to buy tickets.

Ticketmaster Issues An Apology

Swift joined Sen. Amy Klobuchar in adding her voice to the chorus of indignation (D-Minn.).

It was also made known that the US Justice Department had been investigating Ticketmaster prior to this most recent occurrence. According to Ticketmaster, they weren’t prepared for the demand. Swift’s “Verified Fan” program participants got first dibs on the seats and were given a unique code to utilize to gain in.

On the first day of the presale, however, there were so many fans there that it “disrupted the consistency and dependability that is the cornerstone of our Verified Fan platform.”

Swift was horrified by the entire ordeal. Swift stated on Instagram, “I’m not going to make justifications for anybody because we repeatedly questioned them if they could handle this sort of demand and we were promised they could. Sen. Klobuchar wrote to Live Nation, the parent company of Ticketmaster, and its CEO Michael Rapino. She raised antitrust issues in it over what she claimed to be a lack of competition in the live music sector, a criticism that has frequently been leveled at Ticketmaster, which is typically the only way to purchase tickets to an event other than by physically visiting a box office.

The business resisted the idea that everyone could be served for a well-attended event.