The Amazing Race Is Back, But It Is Different

The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is back, but something looks different about the whole show- with the first three episodes being shot before the pandemic struck in 2020. Since then, it took around a year and a half for the producers of the show and the network to bring out their safety protocols and make arrangements that would help them finish what they started in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

But just like the participants who take undaunted risks to race around the world in their effort to win $1 million, the producers of this show were also willing to take challenges to make the show a hit. 

The Amazing Race Is Back After A Long Hiatus

The host of The Amazing Race, Phil Keoghan, spoke about how they went through the process, and what it means to race around the entire world after an event that has changed the entire world. In his interview with CNN, Keoghan spoke about how the reunion was quite emotional, just like it was emotional to suspend the race.

The disappointment the cast had to go through was pretty visible for anyone who was looking, and Keoghan knew all the sacrifices that they had made to be there. And due to the pandemic picking up speed, they had to suspend the entire show before it hit in 2020. 

The Amazing Race host also spoke about how there was some hesitation about shutting down production in the early part of February, with some wondering if it was absolutely necessary and if the virus would actually be as dangerous as some experts claimed it to be. Needless to say, the entire process was heartbreaking, as they didn’t have a single clue as to when they could restart the show, having suspended it after just three episodes. 

But now, things have changed for The Amazing Race. The cast and the production crew have come back, and everything feels like the show has never stopped. Keoghan was still hesitant, as he wanted the show to go through without any suspension.