The Bachelorette Producers In Dilemma Over Gaslighting Allegations

The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette producers seem to be in a dilemma with the future of the show. From the initial stages of the show, Greg was the lead character. He was chosen for consecutive dates with Katie, which was a rare occurrence. This was the first instance where Greg was shown as a positive character. All the episodes portrayed him playing the sober guy. Greg is speculated to win the show and make a proposal to Katie. 

The Bachelorette Confused About Future Storyline

It was initially thought that the remaining characters were brought in for fun. However, things took a turn recently. The latest episodes revealed the remaining participants go on a date with Katie as well. 

Greg expressed his emotions and feelings for Katie adorably. He stated that he was very much in love with Katie. After the demise of his father, Katie seemed to have unlocked his untapped happiness. Katie was demanded a clear answer by Greg. However, she was bound not to reveal her feelings until the final episode. Greg was assured of being the best contender but that was all that could be revealed. 

This led to great miscommunication between the two. Greg seemed to be emotionally hurt and took a drastic step that nobody anticipated. He resigned from the show to everybody’s shock. Katie was very much broken and disturbed by the incident. She was spotted shedding tears in front of the show’s co-host. 

The Bachelorette producers now seem to have a situation on hand. Fans speculated that Greg was brought into the show purposefully. Other fans pointed out the anger management issues with Greg. It now remains to be seen what idea the producers come up with. The next few episodes should give us an insight into their plans. All in all, The Bachelorette seems to have interesting developments in store for us.