The Chair Gets Things Right About The Lives Of Professors

The Chair

It was quite surprising to see an Asian-American lady star in a series, that too, a workplace comedy that deals with the lives of professors. People were wondering whether The Chair would represent all the details authentically, especially the plight of the women of color. 

Sandra Oh’s The Chair Is A Must Watch Series

The Chair presents Professor Ji-Yoon Kim was is quite brilliant. The character is played by Sandra Oh. Sandra faces problems like low enrollment, colleagues that mix personal and professional lives, and even an old guard who refuses to retire. The Netflix comedy exaggerates these details and the departmental chair is seen as a “boss”. Ji-Yoon encounters several problems on the way and makes futile attempts to solve everything.

The Chair makes us go through all the crises faced by Ji-Yoon dealing with her relations, resolves, and her sanity. She wins some fights but another obstacle places its head into her life and everything drops back to square one. 

One such example of this crisis in The Chair is when Ji-Yoon tries to secure a lectureship for a Black female professor, she fails and the dean gives it away to David Duchovny. David is playing a parody of himself and is an author, actor, and a master’s degree holder, in English Literature. Yaz McKay is the Black professor which is played by Nana Mensah. 

The Chair revolves around these misfit professors that wreak havoc and Ji-Yoon receives the blame for everything that goes awry. She also has to struggle with her own life as a single mother who adopted a child. The struggle to achieve a balance in work and life is excellently portrayed by The Chair. 

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