Matthew Lohmeier, The Commander Of The US Space Force, Fired

Matthew Lohmeier
Matthew Lohmeier

Matthew Lohmeier, the lieutenant colonel of the Space Force of the United States of America, has lost his position from command. The reason for this is because of the appearance he made on one of the podcasts. The colonel was caught talking ill about the military of the country. He had attended the podcast in order to promote, Irresistible Revolution,  his newly published book. In the book, the colonel has talked about how the ideologies of Marxism are growing among the army of the country. Matthew Lohmeier had talked about this particular subject in the podcast. 

Matthew Lohmeier’s Controversial Comment

It was stated that there was one thing the colonel had observed since he joined in as the commander. And that was the fact that the theory of Marxism was becoming more prevalent everywhere, and the most in the military of the country. Matthew Lohmeier was then asked to explain whatever he claimed.

The colonel then made the mention of the project of the “New York Times” from the year 1619. It dates back to how the subject of slavery gave way to the institutions of America to be “anti-American.” Following this, he talked about a story that he heard while he was in the military. The colonel stated that when the constitution of the United State of America was getting drafted, the system of White Supremacy was codified to the “law of the land.”

The Department of Defense of the country gave a statement following the comments made by  Matthew Lohmeier. It was stated that the colonel was to no longer command the 11th squadron of Space Warning. And this decision was taken by Stephen Whiting, the Lt. Gen on the 14th of May. The reason for this, as per the released statement, was because Colonel Matthew Lohmeiere could no longer be trusted.