The Domestic Agenda Of Biden Is Hanging For A Long Time

Domestic Agenda
Domestic Agenda

The members of the White House at the beginning of this week started their initiative of reviving the domestic agenda and getting Joe Biden, the President of America agree on some negotiations. The time is passing by and the hope of getting a deal regarding deficit reduction and climate before Memorial Day. The leaders of Democrats are struggling to go any further on the domestic agenda as they do not have a proper mind and direction and their two main challenges are to get the support of Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Manchin

The Domestic Agenda Bill Is Not Supported By Sinema And Manchin

As per a source who knows the dynamics of the White House and its domestic agenda, the Venn diagram of Sinema and Manchin has crippled the operations of the White House. In the current situation, three major topics are being discussed in an informal way which is namely, deficit reduction, climate change, and reform of prescription drugs. 

The other social projects must be acknowledged by the White House, however, for the time being, they are kept aside. There are many people who stated that the ambitions of Joe Biden, the President of America, regarding elder and child care have died a long time ago. 

However, the only chance to persuade Sinema and Manchin to give their affirmation depends on Biden’s ability of persuasion and it can get them a package of reconciliation. It has been seven months since the thing is stuck on the same page. 

The demands of Manchin are not clear by the White House and some believe that he will not give his vote. Some officials are trying to find ideas and persuade the other policy activist who is present outside the White House to persuade the Democrat of Virginia. As per sources, the President is hesitant to talk to Manchin as he could look incompetent. In the case of formal discussion, there is no surety that he would agree.