The Former President Mocked Kim Reynolds

kim reynolds

She has been neutral towards all the candidates running for the presidency. Kim Reynolds’ support for all the candidates has triggered the former president. She mentioned she would like to attend all the events her fellow candidate would hold if her schedule permits her. There is nothing wrong with supporting one another.

However, former president Donald Trump felt it needed to be a better move for her. She has been seen on Ron DeSantis’s campaign earlier. She has a good relationship with his wife as well. That makes them friends. Certain things have recently started bothering the former president. Or can the Republicans call it a threat? Perhaps Donald Trump is threatened by all the support the Republicans have gathered.

Not A Smart Move To Mess With Kim Reynolds

Trump has dug his own grave by making himself the target of Kim Reynolds. She won the reelection by 19 points in 2022. Such comments made the former president a target of the rest of the Republicans. Ron DeSantis has tweeted to show his support for Kim Reynolds. He mentioned how she should ignore all the ‘chirping.’ And do what she does best for the citizens.

Kim Reynolds is a highly wanted caucus state currently. She has attended other politicians’ campaigns, such as Nikki Haley and Tim Scott. She keeps on good terms with all of her colleagues. All of them came to protect Kim Reynolds’s image. Nikki Haley’s tweet was shared within minutes. She mentioned how Iowa makes strong women. Such strong and empowering women have threatened former president Donald Trump. Kim Reynolds proved to be a fantastic politician to her peers. Thus she has received standing ovations all over.