The Good Doctor Drops New Episodes

The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor has released its new season. The latest season is a fifth of the show. It is one of the most successful running shows on American television. As per speculations, the current season will be more enthralling than the previous seasons. The new season promises to deliver the audience some nail-biting plots. Lots of plot twists will be waiting for the audience in this season. The genre of the show is based on medical science. According to speculations, the latest season will reveal a nemesis within. Let us learn more about the latest season of The Good Doctor below.

The Good Doctor Promises Huge Plot Twists 

The season was pretty much hyped up from the beginning itself. The news went viral that the season will witness an internal nemesis. Everyone was excited to know about the identity of the character. However, a lot of speculation and guesses were made. Some of the fans got their analysis correct. The nemesis was found to be Salen Morrison. The character of Morrison was portrayed by Rachel Bay Jones. Jones is a renowned actress known for her unique style. She also boasts of a Tony award under her belt. 

The premiere saw patients coming to the hospital with different complications. One of the patients reportedly had blurry vision, headaches accompanied by difficulty in breathing. Initially, it was presumed that these symptoms were side effects of her ADHD medicines. However, it was found out later that she was bluffing. The patient wanted to ensure whether the appointed doctors were capable or not. 

The last scene of The Good Doctor presented us with the most shocking twist. Just as the episode was coming to an end, it was revealed that Salen now owns St.Bonaventure. The premiere show was a hit. It now remains to be seen whether the rest of the series can deliver the same quality or not.