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Cher slams Trump and his administration explains why she backs Joe Biden as president: ‘He has a soul’

Donald Trump

Char has been very honest about President Donald Trump and his government and thinks his Democratic competitor, Joe Biden, has the ability to take the presidency of him next November.

During a new interview with Billboard, Cher spoke up her opinion of Joe Biden and why she believes he will be a great president.

“I like Joe. I’ve known Joe for a long, long, long time. I had a meeting once with him and I thought, ‘You know what? This is an honest man.’ It was way before he was with Barack Obama,” she clarified.

“We had a conversation and he was so painfully honest. At the end of it, I said, ‘You know, Joe? You can trust me, I’m taking things to my grave, but if I ask you a question and you answer it so honestly, you’re safe with me,’” she added.


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The Oscar winner also told an awkward moment when Biden made her comfortable when it happened.

“Then I saw the pictures in his office and I said, ‘Oh my God, such beautiful children and your wife is so pretty’ — and it was his wife and daughter who had died. I was like, ‘OK, Cher. Insert foot in mouth’” she stated.

“But he was just so great about it. You know, everybody’s got faults, but at least he has a soul and he understands pain. He’s also been a politician for a gazillion years. I think he still has got it or I wouldn’t vote. I’m actually registered as an independent. It means I don’t agree with everybody, but in the final analysis, you have to vote for the one side you hate the least,” Cher continued.

The singer also criticized Trump on how he couldn’t handle the coronavirus pandemic, and also mentioned his speech about consuming disinfectant.


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“I detest this president and everyone in his administration. I think they mishandled this, they lied and they are still lying,” she stated.

However, she said that she respects Dr. Anthony Fauci amid this pandemic. “I think Dr. Fauci is a very honest man in a really tough place,” she explained. “Trump wants to be the organ grinder and for everyone else to be monkeys. You have to either fall into that place or walk a tightrope that’s like a hair to try to tell the truth and not get fired.” Char continued

She also said that she believes people who love and trust Dr. Fauci don’t love and trust Trump.