Cruel Summer: Potential To Be Interesting

Cruel Summer
Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer is a new American series from the thriller genre. It is aired on the streaming channel, Freeform. The creator of the show is Bert V. Royal. The show made its premiere on the 20th of April this year. The executive producer of the show is Jessica Biel. 

Cruel Summer, The Story Of Jeanette

The actor who starred in Cruel Summer is Chiara Aurelia. She plays the role of a girl-next-door who is in her teens. There is a possibility that she is involved in a case of kidnapping. The name of her character is Jeanette Turner.

Turner in Cruel Summer is someone who wears glasses and braces, she has frizzy hair. And she is someone who wishes to be popular and pretty, like any other teenage girl. Just after reaching 17 years, she says something strange to her friend. She says that she misses the days when people wanted her to remain alive.

As the years proceed, the life of Jeanette seems to degrade in the Cruel Summer. There is a public allegation made against her. She is referred to as a “disgrace” by the state governor. The National Enquirer of the state goes against her accusing her of Satan worship. The question that is yet to be answered in the show is if she has a role to play in the kidnapping of a girl or if she is totally innocent.

There are a lot of interesting hooks involved in the show. The transformation of the life of Jeanette after the abduction of Kate Wallis, played by Olivia Holt, is extraordinary. The tragedy of the abducted girl leads Jeanette to take over the life of her in the Cruel Summer. Everyone, from the boyfriend and friends of Kate, goes on to become those of Jeanette herself.