Congressmen Forward Proposals To Restore And Expand Stimulus Check Funding

stimulus checks

It has been eighteen months since the federal stimulus checks came to a total halt. There have been several attempts by President Biden and Democratic lawmakers to restore some form of stimulus check/ Others have backed the idea of a universal basic income for low and moderate-income Americans. 

Stimulus checks that went out to Americans thanks to the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic had a dramatic impact. It was for reducing childhood poverty and played a crucial part in helping families remain afloat during the economic stress of the pandemic. 

stimulus checks

There have been little or no federal stimulus checks that have come into postboxes or bank accounts of Americans for a long time. And some influential lawmakers want to do something about that. 

Lawmakers such as Ilhan Omar, who is a member of a powerful group of young, progressive lawmakers, have voiced their support. The member of “The Squad” said that several more rounds of stimulus checks would be needed to deliver Americans from the economic ruin that the pandemic has brought upon such low and moderate-income Americans. 

Proposals For More Federal Stimulus Checks That Will Bring Difference To Your Finances

Ilhan Omar has been inspired by initiatives in her home state, Minnesota, that were designed to help low-income working families. The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) helped families with children meet their basic needs. 

With the help of this program, and through work, parents moved to financial stability. Parents are expected to work and are supported in working with simultaneous food and cash assistance. Most families had a lifetime limit of 60 months on MFIP. When families first request cash assistance, they normally start through the Diversionary Work Program, which is a 4-month program to support parents to join the workforce immediately and not enroll in MFIP. 

The Minnesota state proposals included an expanded version of the Child Tax Credit. It would give a stimulus check of $1,000 per child to families with an income up to $50,000. Ilhan Omar has voiced her support for such a proposal. 

It indicates that this form of initiative should be taken on the federal level and should not be merely left to the states. Omar specified that two particular plans should come up for support at the federal level. 

It’s essential to prioritize the immediate reinstatement of the highly successful Child Tax Credit stimulus payment. The expanded form of the CTC stimulus check was part of the third round of the stimulus check. It was only a part as other support measures were part of the bill signed by President Biden within weeks of assuming power in 2021.

The American Rescue Plan Act provided the biggest direct stimulus check for Americans. The $1,400 per head payment was complimented by the expanded version of the Child Tax Credit payments. 

The CTC stimulus check-in 2021 was different from the regular annual payment in more ways than one. It offered parents of children under the age of six a credit of $3,600 a year and parents of children aged six to seventeen a credit of $3,000.

This was way above the normal CTC payments of $2,000, which was increased after a revision in 2017. Also for the first time, the credits came in as an advance and were distributed throughout the year in the form of monthly stimulus checks that were either $250 or $300 per child depending on the age. 

In the six months between July and December 2021, 50% of the amount was paid out by the federal government. The rest came in against the 2021 income tax return filed in the first quarter of 2022.

President Biden had planned the Child Tax Credit stimulus checks to last through 2025. He had even planned to have it extended permanently through legislation. He had the necessary majority in other houses to push through such a proposal. 

But with the Senate split down the middle, he had to depend on every Senator of his party backing the new proposal. That is just what he did not get. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, backed by powerful corporate lobbies, refused to support President Biden’s plans and the president fell short by that one vote. And with the Democrats losing their majority in the House of Representatives after the midterms in November 2022, the expanded Child Tax Credit plans went awry.

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But Omar wants the expanded credit of 2021 brought back. She said that the Democrats were pushing to reinstate the expanded version of the Child Tax Credit stimulus check. She said plans were afoot to make it permanent. This would help millions of families have the life support that they so crucially needed at that troubled juncture. 

In addition to this, she said that plans were afoot to keep up the effort for the passage of the SUPPORT Act. This would, if passed, provide monthly stimulus checks of $1,200 per adult and $600 per child over the course of five years. 

Chances Of Such Proposals Becoming Law

Omar is not alone in her proposal and wants the CTC stimulus check expanded again. She also wants payments to go out regularly to Americans through a universal basic income. But she does not have the requisite backing at the federal level. 

But the concept of a Universal Basic Income has caught on in some cities and counties. In places where a test project was conducted, the city or local administrators have found resounding success in the schemes. Even large cities like Los Angeles have tested out such schemes that give out monthly stimulus checks to a selected group of citizens for a fixed period of time. 

Such support has been a success in every city or county where it was implemented. But the proposals to expand and restore the stimulus check will not be a reality anytime soon. But those backing the idea of another round of payment continue to believe that such plans are not totally off the table for the near future.

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