Chris Godwin Lending His Number To Tom Brady Was Worth It

Chris Godwin
Chris Godwin

Chris Godwin was number 12 in the American football team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This led the player, Tom Brady, to not have any idea about his number in the team itself. This was what had happened in the month of March.

Chris Godwin And The Superbowl Promise

Initially, Chris Godwin seemed to be hesitant to hand over his number to Tom Brady. And to give him confidence, the latter was finally able to get it. He did so by making a huge promise to Godwin. He told him that if he got the number, he would get the team to win the heart Superbowl. And this was revealed by Godwin back in the month of June. It happened when he was asked a question with regard to the amount of money that was paid to him for the number 12.

The promise is not an ordinary one. It had been made precisely in the month of March. Brady had made the declaration of victory several months before. There was already a total number of six rings of Super Bowl for the player. This was the case for this season.

The fact that Chris Godwin was made such a promise is bizarre. However, what is more, bizarre is the fact that Tom Brady lived up to it. He made the total score of 31-9 in the Super Bowl LV. It was against the team, Kansas City Chiefs.

All the residents of Tampa Bay are supposed to be grateful to Brady for living up to his words. For Charles Godwin, things were not the best. This is because he lost his phone to water. And so, he was not able to document his most memorable moments.