Three Pointer Shootings Sunk The Los Angeles Lakers: Russell Westbrook Got Benched

Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James

When questioned if he would have to deal with any repercussions with the shooting guard due to his selection to sit Westbrook during the remaining 3 possessions of Weekend’s 106-104 defeat to the Trail Blazers, Darvin Ham, the Los Angeles Lakers coach, was caught unyielding.

The coach said that they were trying to change things around. So they did what the coaching team thought necessary after dropping points again this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers coach was seemingly frustrated by the point loss, but he said they do not have enough time for a person and how they feel about what they should have done in the game.

With only 4:42 left in the 4th half and the Los Angeles Lakers ahead by 8 points, Ham brought back Westbrook further into the game. Westbrook ended the contest with ten pointers on 4-for-15 shooting, six rebounders, six assists, and no turnovers. Before Ham removed Westbrook with just a few seconds left, the Trail Blazers had managed 10 more points than Los Angeles in the following four and a half mins.

Los Angeles Lakers Fans Sunk Into Misery As They Lose By Three Points: Coach’s Choices In Question: 

In the final stretch, Los Angeles Lakers struggled as a unit, going three-for-nine altogether and zero-for-four beyond three, which helped the Lakers have a six-for-thirty-three night from the free-throw line (18.2%), raising their point average to twenty-five-for-hundred-an-eighteen.

Westbrook missed one of these shots with almost half a minute left in the match and eighteen seconds remaining on the play clock. He squandered a fifteen-foot pull-up jumper when Los Angeles Lakers were leading by a point after Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic practically urged him to take it by creating space for his defense.


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