Fitbit Acquisition Closed By Google Store And Marked With Banner Message

The acquisition of Fitbit is getting advertised by Made by Google with a store link currently. Google Store is serving as the place for learning about the Made by Google along with a way of buying products directly. Following the closing of the acquisition which was declared this morning, the pages of Google Store got updated with the teal dark banner.

It appears when you start scrolling to the top of its page. It seems like a very prominent pronouncement to the people checking into the store. The link of the advertisement takes all the users to the main product page of Fitbit which is responsible for listing everything from smart scales to fitness trackers and smartwatches. Accessories such as replacement chargers and additional bands as well as subscription services can be found there. Lastly, there is the ‘gear” section of the Fitbit where people can buy clothing like track branded jackets.

It Remains To Be Seen How Google Sells Fitbit Products

Meanwhile, on the homepage of Google Store which is also advertising Chromecast, Nest Audio,5/4a Pixel 5G along with all products, there is an additional welcome message. This message involves the Fitbit Sense along with a 2nd link for exploring. Besides Facebook and Twitter, this is a prominent way of the Store for telling people about its new product.

It will be interesting to watch whether the Store will sell Fitbit products because the acquired company is working on some time for managing its retail site. It seems probable that Google will just initially sell and add Fitbit products like the way accessories are sold by third parties. If Google decides to sell and add its products then this would be a milestone for Google in marking the return of smartwatches on the site after a similar thing happened with Sport and LG Style.