Tim Scott On Urgent Overhaul Of Policing

Tim Scott
Tim Scott

Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has said that while there has been some progress in overhauling the policing system, there is still a lot to be done. He was speaking of the bipartisan efforts to give shape to a new policy on the policing system.

In his candid assessment, he said progress has been incremental. Tim Scott said that the other 2 main negotiators, New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker, Democratic Representative Karen Bass from California,  did not agree with him on important issues and were working their way through them. He sounded hopeful of resolving the issues.

Tim Scott Says That It Is Important To Get It Right

He said that there has been progress though it has been slow. President Biden and other advocates of change in American policing laws have pressured for a change in police laws before May 25, the first anniversary of George Floyd’s death. Tim Scott added that a right deal was better than going for a rushed one. And he is hopeful of reaching a deal by May 25.

But he felt that it was more important to have a piece of legislation that helps to bring a marked change in policing. He believes that there has been significant progress.

The Law Should Hold Officers Accountable, Not Victimize Them

While it is important to hold officers accountable for their actions, the laws should not be seen to be just punitive towards them.

Democrats want a change in the language in Section 252, making it easier to prosecute officers criminally. He said that eliminating protection to officers and demonizing them will hamper community safety.

He says that he is famous for striking the right balance. He said that while he wants to go it together, he is okay with going for a bill without outside help. He is firmly against a change in the standard for prosecuting police officers.

There remains a vast difference over the issue of qualified immunity. Individual prosecution of officers is something the Democrats support, but the Republicans reject. He says that there is a ‘chasm’ between the two long acts. And combining them is making it complicated and will take time.