During the New Orleans Saints v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game, Tom Brady Allegedly Cracked two Tablets, Sources Confirmed.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Tom Brady, the qb for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, shattered two tablet computers on Sunday amid his team’s triumph over New Orleans Saints, according to insiders who spoke to ESPN.

According to reports, a third one was reportedly stomped forward and damaged on the aidelines of the Buccaneers’, rendering Tampa Bay low on wide receivers and computers for their game versus the Saints.

On social networking sites, Brady expressed regret for shattering one of the tablet, and he made light of the incident when speaking with Jim Gray on his radio show in Monday night. However, the Super Bowl champion of seven times made no mention of any incident of breaking a second tablet.

Brady threw a tablet for the 2nd time in the four regular matches against with the Saints. Brady threw one against the Bucs’ 9-0 home defeat in 15th week of the previous year, Tampa Bay’s only shutout after 2012.

Brady had a difficult week leading up to Sunday’s matchup versus Aaron Rodgers and the Packers of Green Bay between shattering the tablet computers and sustaining an ailment to his shooting hand’s ring finger that prevented him from practicing.

Tom Brady Broke Tablets Again Against New Orleans Saints, Says Sources:

Tom Brady, will once more face a wideout shortage versus the Packers as the Tampa Bay will be missing Chris Godwin (hamstring), Julio Jones (knee) and Mike Evans (suspension). Tampa Bay has Russell Gage (hamstring) and Russell Gage (hamstring), Breshad Perriman (knee)  in the lineup, and on Saturday they promoted rookie Cole Beasley from the practise squad.

Brady playfully said that with the dearth of receivers opposing Green Bay’s secondary, he could wind up throwing another tablet.

Brady was added to the Buccaneers’ injury list on Friday, but the three-time league MVP is still anticipated to play.

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