The International Boxing Association’s Support For The President Casts Even More Uncertainty On Boxing’s Olympic Destiny.

International Boxing Association
International Boxing Association

The International Boxing Association (Iba), the sport’s global amateurs regulatory body, voted against allowing a contest to Umar Kremlev, its president last Sunday, casting additional uncertainty on the fate of Olympic boxing.

After quite a 45-minute wait brought on by a brownout, Kremlev won supported to proceed by 106 ballots to 36 in a special assembly held in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. The decision is largely believed to dash hopes that the sport would once again be included in the Olympic schedule again for Los Angeles 2028 Games.

Once solidified the position as the president of International Boxing Association, Kremlev, the president of IBA from Russia has given a great speech where he prioritized a new path  for the future of the sport apart from Olympic games. According to him, they should not think about IBA boxing, and not Olympic boxing.

The International Boxing Association Supports The President Shows Uncertainty of The Sport’s O;ympic Destiny:

Thanks to the Dutch member Boris van der Vorst’s petition for review against a prior ruling barring him from opposing Kremlev’s presidency in May, the assembly was called. The Boxing Independent Integrity Unit found that Van der Vorst had violated the campaign’s regulations, but the court of arbitration for sport [Cas] later reversed the ruling.

The [IOC] stated in a message that it was “very worried” by the congress’s conditions, particularly the voting process and the International Boxing Association’s decision to remove the Ukrainian association due to alleged political concerns.

The IOC responded to the Russian president of Internation Boxing Association, Kremlev, in May to express its worries about the administration, honesty of justices, and financial viability of the institution he controls, as reported by the Guardian. In April, Kremlev asserted that Iba as well as the IOC had “established confidence and trust.

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