Tom Brady Sympathetic Towards Fellow Teammate Antonio Brown

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Tom Brady appears very sympathetic and empathetic towards his fellow teammate Antonio Brown. But why? Is it because he has witnessed the struggle of many teammates like this over the years? 

Tom Brady Didn’t Keep It Simple While Talking About Brown On Sunday

On Sunday, after his final second touchdown and dramatic performance, Tom Brady gave the media some time. In this interview, he was asked regarding a player, his fellow teammate. He was specifically asked as to why Antonio Brown, wide receiver played no major role in this huge comeback.

During the 3rd quarter, Antonio Brown, wide receiver was stripped completely of his pads and uniform as he ran dramatically on the field. It looked like he was either being fired or he was quitting. It depends on the narrative that will get you most excited. This kind of behavior was not expected in the history of the NFL. Bruce Arians, Brady’s head coach, dodged a lot of questions. 

Tom Brady could have also done that. Brady could have also kept it as short and simple as his teammates did. Most of his teammates were confused and stunned by this sort of erratic behavior. His answer reflected some sort of compassion and understanding for Antonio Brown.

He also mentioned how every other teammate including Tom Brady himself is there for Antonio Brown if he needs any sort of help or support. Tom Brady also mentioned that this help or support will be regardless of Brown’s employment status. Brady said that everybody would try and extend their hand towards Brown in his difficult times. He says that everybody loves him and cares about him deep from the heart.