Kyle Kuzma is Grateful To Be Playing For The Wizards!

kyle kuzma
kyle kuzma

Kyle Kuzma says that he is thankful for the wonderful situation that he is in while playing for his new team, the Wizards. Over the past few months, Kuzma has stated and expressed many mixed feelings and emotions that he felt when he was traded from his former club, LA Lakers. 

Kyle Kuzma is Finally Feeling Good About His Move To The Wizards!

Over the past summer, Kyle Kuzma was handed over to his new team, the Wizards. At first, Kyle Kuzma thought that he was headed towards Sacramento but after that suddenly, his move was finalized towards Washington. This change made a dent in the career of Kyle Kuzma. He has been with his former club for over four years. With the LA Lakers, Kuzma won many things including a championship.

However, eventually, Kyle Kuzma has found some positives in his move to the Wizards. He is now sensing that he will have an amazing opportunity for a bigger role and a completely fresh start, both as a strong leader and on the field court. This took around one-half of an entire season. This transition was not easy for Kyle Kuzma but finally, he is starting to witness all of the pieces coming together. 

All year, he has played quite an important role for the Wizards. But recently, his game has improved a lot. Now his role in the club and as a strong leader has been evident. He has managed to make his team compete at higher levels with almost half his teammates ill with safety and health protocols. In his win over a fellow team, the Hornets, he played a major role scoring six assists, fourteen rebounds, and 36 points. He also managed to shoot 6-11 from three.