Kamala Harris To Visit Mexico Border On Migration Issue: Her 1st Trip As Vice President

Havana Syndrome
Havana Syndrome

The Vice President is going to visit the US-Mexico border to get a closer look at the migration issue. Kamala Harris’ visit follows criticism from both parties for her failure to visit despite her leading responsibility in the immigration problem.

She will be visiting the El Paso area, along with Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary. This was conveyed by the Vice President’s spokesperson and senior adviser Symone Sanders.

Kamala Harris Handling The Core Migration Issue In The Biden Administration

She has shouldered the crucial responsibility of tackling the root issues of immigration from South and Central American into the United States. Her contribution to date has been focused more on reaching out to advocacy groups and local leaders to improve the core issues facing the regions.

Her aides have also stressed that her role remains different from security issues at the border. But Republicans have repeatedly latched on to her absence at the border to paint her as being insensitive to the issue.

Kamala Harris has steadfastly maintained that her focus remains in offering residents of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador hope and opportunity that will dissuade them from leaving migrating from their countries.

Administration officials have outright rejected charges that the Vice President has succumbed to pressure from the Republicans to visit the border. A senior official said that Kamala Harris’ efforts in the southern neighbors were about being involved in the cause of the issue, while her visit should be seen as focusing on the effect.

Kamala Harris’s visit precedes a visit by former President Trump, who will be visiting the region with a group of House Republicans and Greg Abbott, the Texas Governor. He is sure to use the opportunity to attack the Biden administration for being soft on the migrants.

She has come in for praise in the nations she has visited and has chalked out agreements with the Mexican and Guatemalan governments. She said that she would continue to address the root causes and that the solution lies in the bordering countries.

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