Top Science Exhibitions in The UK 

Theranos' one drop blood testing 'was always science fiction': Truvian CEO
Theranos' one drop blood testing 'was always science fiction': Truvian CEO

Now that restrictions have been lifted, it is only natural to start exploring the many opportunities to get out and about once. This year, there are numerous science exhibitions available in the UK, all with their own unique qualities. Why choose between fun and educational when you can easily do both! If you’re searching for the best science exhibitions to attend, look no further. We have listed the top exhibitions you can attend this year, so you can have a fun yet educational experience like no other. All events listed are accessible for people of all ages, so if you are looking for a family experience that you can share, while learning a thing or two, these events might be just for you. 


Solarsphere is a family friendly scientific experience, hosted in the Welsh countryside. Children of all ages are welcome to learn while they camp at this fantastic event where you can learn about the cosmos through talks, workshops, and immersive experiences. With the immersive night sky combining with huge inflatable planets, this is a learning experience like no other. Learning and having fun don’t have to be separate experiences, so get yourself to this small event this year and experience the night sky in its true form 


Dubbed as the “Glastonbury of the natural word”, this is another fantastic science exhibition. Running since 2004, this event highlights the relationship between humans and insects, aiming to inspire new generations with a new way of thinking about the natural world and our shared environment.  

The aim of Pestival is to showcase that human and insect life is intertwined, and what we do on this planet directly impacts insect life. Pestival is hosted at ZSL London Zoo, so get down this year and experience the natural world with a brand-new outlook.  

Electro Magnetic Field 

Electro Magnetic Field, or EMF, hosts a variety of talks across three stages. There are also a wide variety of workshops, games, and musical acts across the site, so you’ll be sure not to get bored any time soon. Hosted over a long weekend, you are able to set up your own village by camping on-site, where you and other like-minded people can arrange their own activities, having loads of fun in the process. Hosted in June, you are able to enjoy three days of activities, music, food and drink, relishing in an experience of a lifetime. Running since 2012, EMF has been one of the UK’s most successful scientific events, combing togetherness, social interactive and learning in a relaxed atmosphere.  

Manchester Science Festival 

Manchester Science Festival has been a great success year on year. Hosted in the Science and Industry Museum, it highlights the world’s first inner-city railway, showcasing elements of the past in a Grade 1 listed Victorian Warehouse. Combining the historic appeal with a contemporary science program, this is a fun filled educational event for all the family. Bringing science to life for people of all ages, you will be able to experience the rich heritage of innovation, from Manchester and beyond.