LeBron James Stays One Of NBA’s Most Consistent Scorers

LeBron James
LeBron James

Lakers superstar LeBron James celebrated his 37th birthday on 30th December. Even after 19 years in the league, the former Most Valuable Player continues to march on at the same pace.

LeBron has averaged 27 points per game in his career, with the highest in 2008 with an average of 30 points.  A truly great player delivers at the highest level and this is where LeBron James ticks the right boxes. He has an even better average in the playoffs at 28.7 points in his career. With 4 NBA championships under his belt, he manages even better in the finals.

LeBron James remains the youngest player to amass 36,000 points, but it is not for his scoring that he is remembered. He has been an undisputed floor general, marshaling the team through difficult times. The transition from greatness to the greatest is for all to witness.

LeBron James today stands closer to a time in his life when his body begins to tire and his skills remain memories. But in reality that seems far away.

LeBron James Remains On Course To Surpass Abdul-Jabbar At The Top

When LeBron first entered the NBA, the teenager showed maturity and physical ability that defied years. And once again when he has reached the upper limit of human peak performing age, he continues to defy it and infuses the same energy and performance.

Combining the playoffs and the regular season, he has clocked an astounding 62,000 minutes on court. That comes to 43 days of top-class basketball. A performance that has Michael Jordan’s explosiveness, Magic Johnson’s all-around abilities, and Shaquille O’Neal’s brute force.

Jason Kidd, the Dallas coach, says that he remains the blueprint of achievement. LeBron maintains that as long as he is fresh in mind and his body obeys it, he will continue to perform at the same pace. But there comes a time when the body and mind tell that it is time to slow down and that gets reflected in the performance. And when the time comes, he will accept it, he says.

He remains on course to catch up with Malone for the number two spot, ahead by around 800 points, and then on it is another 2,400 points to catch up with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at the very top, and he should do it if he manages to stay on top of his physical form.