Actress Tori Spelling’s Mold-Infested Rental Home Makes Her Children Very Sick 

Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling

On Wednesday, Actress Tori Spelling took her children to the hospital after discovering a massive mold outbreak at her rental housing where she had been residing with her children for a few months. She posted on Instagram addressing the issue stating that her children would often get sick and had to be taken to the hospital, and right after being cured a few days after returning home,  they would get sick again.

She primarily thought that her children were bringing their illnesses from school, however, her suspicions grew as the children were sick more at home rather than attending school. This is when the actress decided to re-examine what was going wrong.

Tori Spelling has posted images of herself with a mask covering her face and her children at the hospital. One of her children was resting on a stretcher, and another had an ice pack on her temple.

Tori Spelling’s Children Were Suffering From Recurrent Illness

Tori Spelling has been vocal about her children’s recurrent illness, she had spoken of her 14-year-old daughter Stella being admitted to the hospital twice with a rare hemiplegic migraine which causes fatigue and can even damage one’s ability to speak. Back in December, Spelling had informed of her 6-year-old boy Beau’s chronic illness, and that he could not attend school for a month, while her elder son 16-year-old Liam has a high fever and strep throat in his latest visit to the Urgent Care on Wednesday.

Tori Spelling has said that over the last few months, her children have been suffering from chronic skin irritation, troubled breathing, and other allergies. Spelling will soon leave her health-hazardous rental home for other accommodations with her family.