Imani Ellis, The Founder Of CultureCon 2023, Says That It Unites Young Artists In Los Angeles


CultureCon held its first comprehensive symposium this past Saturday in LA. Imani Ellis had started the biggest festival of creativity, CultureCon in her apartment, and had previously taken place in Atlanta and NYC. Diverse creatives, including social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and young leaders, were present this year. 

“I could never have predicted that it will reach so far. We genuinely believed it would be minimal and private, she exclusively tells the media. But, I believe it only demonstrates how rapidly anything can spread when individuals feel acknowledged and heard.

CultureCon 2023 On Reimagining Community And Promoting Creative Unity

The Creative Collective NYC team created a vibrant atmosphere for the event at the Rolling Greens. This included a large “CultureCon” in capital letters, a platform with multiple sides for attendees who were Instagram-inclined, and an official mural representing CultureCon at the center created by illustrator and creative director Laci Jordan. Ellis defines her objectives for CultureCon as extracting the cultural brilliance of the youth and reimagining and making connections as well as the community. It need not be a transactional relationship, she says. It ought to be a person. Consequently, having a curiosity for other people and realizing that everyone has something to gain from and to provide and that all individuals have their creative skills, too. Attendees learned from the thought leaders and luminaries all through the day.

DonYé Taylor, a content producer and marketing strategist, gave a presentation on narrating one’s story in which she shared advice based on personal experiences about making an effect on social media. The panel discussion on Black History, led by Danielle Young, included actors Bresha Webb and Skye Townsend along with acclaimed TV producer Courtney Whitaker. The conversation focused on the significance of TV representation.