Trev Alberts Called In As The Director Of Athletics For Nebraska

trev alberts
trev alberts

Trev Alberts, who was a reputed footballer, was hired by Nebraska. According to reports, Alberts will be joining Nebraska as the director of athletics. He is scheduled to start his work from the beginning of the week, i.e, Monday. 

Trev Alberts Expresses Gratitude To His School After Being Hired As Director Of Athletics

As Nebraska announced the hiring of their athletics coach, media rushed for reactions. Trev Alberts expressed immense joy on hearing the news. He stated that he felt honored to have received this opportunity. He expressed his gratitude to his University. According to his statement on Twitter, he credited his educational institution for all his success. 

Recently, Nebraska lacked the firepower in their armory. They lost four back-to-back losses in as many seasons. Such dismal performance posed them as no threat to the race of the top 10. They also failed to perform well at the national level.

Taking up the new challenge in college football, Alberts promised not to be excessively dominant. He said that bossing over the coaching staff and players was not something he intended. He truly wants to help the team and make it well polished. Albert will be taking over the charges from Bill Moos, who is the current AD for Nebraska.

Trev Alberts was a player at Nebraska himself. The award of Butkus was won by him during his stint of 1990-1993. This award gave him the prestige of the best linebacker. Trev also tried his skills at the Indianapolis, which was cut short by injuries. He then joined ESPN as a broadcaster. Trev seemed to be very excited about his new role and promised to work hard to achieve the best possible results.

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