Kevin Costner Reveals What Happened During “Yellowstone” Feud

Kevin Costner

When Kevin Costner left Yellowstone, the popular TV show, fans were shocked, to say the least. Now the actor has decided to talk about what had actually happened that caused that decision on September 1st during a hearing on child support in California’s Santa Barbara. 68-year-old Costner had portrayed John Dutton, a patriarch, in the series by Taylor Sheridan.

Kevin Costner Had Been Engaged In A Grueling Negotiation

The hearing was caused by the ongoing divorce between Costner and Christine Baumgartner, his estranged wife. In his testimonial, Kevin Costner stated that there was a long and hard-fought negotiation regarding splitting the western saga’s season 5 into two sections. However, it was also the final issue that forced him to make the decision to exit the series by Paramount Network.

Kevin Costner stated that he has heard how it is slightly disappointing how the show is the number one on TV and he is not participating. He also added that it is likely that he will approach the court regarding the issue. During Yellowstone S5, Kevin Costner played an integral part in the beginning half, which was concluded on January 1st, 2023. It ended with Dutton, his character, being sworn in as the governor of Montana.

However, Kevin Costner is also co-writing, directing, producing, and starring in a different Western. Its name is Horizon: An American Saga and it will consist of four movies. Kevin Costner explained that he modified the schedule for his movie to shoot his role in Yellowstone S5 after the decision to split the season was made. He explained that, in this industry, this is “a big deal”.

In May, the official announcement was made by Paramount stating that Yellowstone would end after Season 5’s second act concludes. A fresh franchise sequel will follow it with its title containing the word “Yellowstone”.