Trevor Noah Departure From The Daily Show Exactly As He Planned

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah’s bombshell resolution to depart from The Daily Show stunned fans and even his staff. In a recording, the host discloses the events that led to this move, and the reason he set aside the decision till the show. He says that it was the right time to exit the show. In his inimitable style, he says that he would rather go and leave behind sad people than leave people happy that they had finally got rid of him.

A little past the seventh anniversary of his immensely popular show, Trever Noah says that he finally realized that his time was up, and he had to finally move on when the going remained good.

Noah says that he is filled with gratefulness for everything the eventful journey had given him. He relived all that he had gone through in the past eventful seven years. It included the Trump tenure, the COVID-19 pandemic, and finally the drama of Trump’s ouster.

Trevor Noah Says That Revealing His Departure Suddenly Was How He Always Wanted To Do It

Trevor Noah says he suddenly realized that the seven years were up, and it was amazing all through. His announcement was met with audible gasps, both from the audience and The Daily Show crew members.

The standup elaborates that he wants to have a more varied experience and to travel more. But it is apparent that the staff of the audience heard nothing more than the news that he was out of the show for good.

The crew was too stunned to react and his representatives, who were all headed out to Toronto to film a Netflix special a day later, were quite as stunned at the news. Trevor Noah says that the reason he made it a public announcement was that he did not want the news to travel from one person to another. Telling everyone at the same time felt the most natural thing for him to do.

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