Trisha Paytas On Exiting The “Frenemies” Podcast

Trisha Paytas
Trisha Paytas

Trisha Paytas, one of the popular stars from the video-sharing platform, YouTube, made the announcement of the exiting from “Frenemies,” the famous podcast. The heartfelt announcement was given off with tears in her eyes. She had been one of the co-hosts of the podcast. The YouTube star made the announcement through a video this Tuesday.

Trisha Paytas Vs Klein 

Trisha Paytas has come out as a non-binary. The people belonging to this community use the pronouns “they and them” in order to identify themselves. The social media star has hosted the podcast with fellow co-host Ethan Klein since the year 2020 in September. The production house of the podcast is H3H3Productions. The video where Trisha Paytas has made the unfortunate announcement followed the most recent episode of the podcast.

It came out this Monday night. There had been a disagreement that took place in the episode. The artist also made the announcement of the reason that led to the departure. It was stated that the production house was very unhappy concerning the conduct that was delivered by the 33-year-old leaving co-host in the most recent “Frenemies” episode. The news also stated that there would be no recording of the podcast for this week.

After the announcement of the social media personality, Ethan Klein, their fellow co-host, went on to post an ironic tweet over the social media platform, Twitter. The 35-year-old artist wished the National Best Friends Day using the same hashtag. It was quite clear that he was referring to the dispute. He also expressed his apology to all the fans for the tragic news. He brought out the fact that he did everything in his power to save the podcast. The issue that lingers between the two co-hosts of the podcast is not confined to their professional lives. It also involves the personal lives of the artists as Trisha Paytas is engaged to the brother-in-law of Klein.   

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