Amanda Batula Struggling With Kids

amanda batula

Like any other woman, Amanda Batula is scared to get proper sonography, to know if she is pregnant right now or not. The summer house participants threw a tea party, where they chat and gossip like any other kitty party. When the topic was brought up, Amanda was taken aback. She is the only married woman in the group, and it is easy to anticipate she would be the first one to have children. However, she further shared why it isn’t happening anytime soon.

Amanda Batula Is Too Scared To Face The Doctor

31 years old young and beautiful Amanda Batula is scared to face the doctors. She has been on birth control pills right after the wedding of her and Kyle Cooke. She shared with other ladies, she does want to have kids but right now it’s not on the table. And Amanda Batula hasn’t talked to his husband about this yet. Later she confessed that what if the doctors tell him she can’t get pregnant, how is she going to tell her husband about that? The other ladies have been telling her not to jump to the worst possible scenario. There is a high risk that Amanda Batula is scared of is she might scare away Kyle Cooke.

Danielle Olivera assured her that whatever happens, she has everyone with her. And if there is a child that would be great, and if there isn’t that situation would be taken care of. Amanda Batula struggling with infertility, and she has shared this before on Winter House 2. And she is a reserved type of person who is unable to convey her words to her husband. Kyle Cooke is also great with kids, which melts Amanda Batula’s heart, how kind he is.