Jennifer Lopez Unfollows Alex Rodriguez From Her Instagram

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez strengthens her relationship with Affleck, deleting every single trace of Alex Rodriguez, her last ex, from Instagram. The followers of J. Lo took notice of this on Saturday that the star’s feed had some slight changes, with all photos with ex-fiance Alex having been erased from the account.

This included pictures from the inauguration of Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America. Jennifer Lopez had performed two tracks during the inauguration and her single pictures from the event remain on her feed.

Jennifer Lopez rekindled her relationship with Ben Affleck, who she had dated for some time before their split back in 2004. Nearly after two decades, the two celebs are back together with a new spark and are openly celebrating their relationship, going public on J. Lo’s birthday weekend where she turned 52. 

While Jennifer Lopez has been concentrating on her relationship with Ben, her ex Alex has been living a single life and enjoying it to the maximum, filled with cruises and yacht parties with Melanie Collins, the sports reporter, and a few of their mutual friends, Eric Decker and Jessie Decker, for celebrating his birthday where he would turn 46.

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Split

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodiguez called off their engagement and parted ways, announcing their split in April 2021. J. Lo shows signs of having moved ahead completely with her life after she unfollowed her ex from Instagram and removed all existing photos with him from her feed. With this step, she has strengthened her relationship with Ben Affleck.

However, Alex, ex-fiance to Jennifer Lopez, the Hollywood star, has also chosen to live the single life completely as he surrounds himself with women and claimed himself to be a determined darling. J. Lo is concentrating on her relationship and has also gone public recently with the announcement. The couple has been spotted multiple times together in L.A., sharing intimate moments together.

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