Yellowstone Spinoff In The Works- CEO Of Paramount Has Confirmed


Matthew McConaughey’s Yellowstone spinoff has officially now been in the works at Paramount- which stands regardless of the future of Kevin Costner on the flagship show of the franchise.

Chris McCarthy, the President and CEO of Paramount Media Networks went on to confirm in an interview that the 53-year-old actor was supposed to be the star in the extension series that was set within the universe of the show. According to the CEO, the upcoming show of McConaughey is going to proceed despite Costner considering an exit. The CEO also went on to reveal that the pending series of the Dallas Buyers Club star would be one of the projects that he has currently in the works with Taylor Sheridan- the creator of the show. 

Matthew McConaughey To Be In Pole Position For Yellowstone

Sheridan’s show, Yellowstone, is situated in a universe where the prequels are 1883 and 1923, along with Bass Reeves, the upcoming spin-off. In February, Deadline reported that the star was in talks to lead one of the franchise extension shows for the series- since Kevin Costner could be exiting the show due to scheduling conflicts. The 68-year-old actor, who had recently won a Golden Globe for portraying John Dutton, wanted to reduce the amount of time he would spend filming for the series. 

Paramount went on to add that Matthew McConaughey was an amazing actor with whom they would love to work on the Yellowstone spinoff. Marty Singer, the lawyer of Kevin Costner, also slammed the reports that Costner was not ready to work as much to film the 5th and 6th seasons of the show. Singer stated that the idea that Kevin was just willing to work just a single week in the second half of the 5th season was a complete lie. The reports were ridiculous- and anyone who suggested it shouldn’t be believed for even a second.