William Shatner’s Journey To Greatness

William Shatner
William Shatner

William Shatner, the Canadian actor, is most widely known for Star Trek. The show debuted in the year 1996 on the TV channel, NBC. It was in the month of September. The series is not just a genre of science fiction. It is much more than that. It has many scenes relating to the influence of culture and civil rights.

All these things the audience, which was limited, had very little knowledge of how to perceive these new ideas brought about by the show. And this indecisiveness is exactly what led them to not appreciate the William Shatner starring show enough. Owing to this, Star Trek could only last up to three seasons. However, what remained was the legacy of the Canadian actor who played the role of Captain James T. Kirk. Following the show, it took no time for the actor to win hearts. He became a classic hero. This was the starting point in the career of William Shatner to the destination of the Emmy awards.

William Shatner, The Emmy Winning Actor

The Canadian actor recently won two such awards. The first Primetime Emmy Awards he won was in the year 2004. It was under the category of an “outstanding guest actor,” for the show, The Practice. The second award he won was in the year 2005. It was under the category of the “Outstanding support actor in a drama.” It was for the show, Boston Legal.

William Shatner made his way to big screens with a bunch of memorable roles. It includes movies like Miss Congeniality, both 1 and 2, and all seven Star Trek movies. The first movie of the actor that caught the attention of the critics was, The Butler’s Night. It came out in the year 1951.

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