Donald Trump Clears The Air After He Discusses His Future Plans

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, is not done yet with his informal behaviour. There are a plethora of similar incidents associated with him being informal. It includes him spreading fake election news and inciting the violent riot that broke out in the Capitol building.

Ex-president Trump cleared out on some facts this Sunday. He reached out to the members of the Republican party to let them know about his plan of holding on to the grassroots. The motive behind this is to encourage the suppression of the votes that make their way into the 2024 presidential election. Trump also gave a hint with regard to his decision to run. He criticized the Supreme court of the country in the first speech he gave after retiring from his office.

Trump Is Not Done Yet

Donald Trump mentioned the judges in the speech he gave at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2021 that was held in Florida. He stated that the judicial authorities had no right to be proud of themselves. They failed to gather the courage to take the necessary steps for the benefit of their own country. He also talked about the claims that were thrown at him.

A new coronavirus vaccine has been approved by the officials in the country. It is that of the company, Johnson and Johnson. With the approval, there is a new ray of hope in the country with regard to the normalcy that can be restored. A lot of effort is put into this cause by the administration of the acting president, Joe Biden. There is a rescue plan for the COVID-19 amounting to 1.9 trillion USD to provide acceleration to the state of normalcy in the country. However, this is yet to be passed in the Senate. All this had been ignored by ex-president Donald Trump while he was in his last days in the White House.