Starling Marte Traded To Oakland Athletics

Starling Marte
Starling Marte

Starling Marte has been roped in by the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday. The trading wars seem to be intensifying with each passing day. Teams are putting on their thinking caps. Everyone seems to place the best bets and make a team capable of being the champion. The trade between Athletics & Miami Marlins was no different. The Athletics eyed the center-oriented fielder and completed the deal.

Starling Marte Exchanged For Jesus Luzardo

Oakland Athletics seems to have settled for a great deal. The trading of Luzardo for Marte is quite a steal. Reports suggest that monetary considerations have also been sent to the Athletics. This was done to cover the expenses of Marte’s contract. No official revelations about the amount have been provided. However, ESPN reports a $4m deal sealed the deal. 

The team of Oakland seemed to be overjoyed by the acquiring of the athlete.  The authorities stated that Starling was the best central option available right now. The manager said the authorities would do all the necessary help for the team to win. The only aim for Athletics is to eye the championship. 

Starling Marte was also ecstatic with his new destination. He was a great performer for the Miami Marlins. His RBI’s amount to 25 and .306 in seven home runs. He stole 22 bases as well. However, he missed the current session suffering a rib injury. Starling expressed his joy and termed this as a new journey. He seemed confident and promised to do well for his new team. 

Starling Marte declined Miami’s offer for an extended contract. He refused to respond to the repeated offers from the Marlins. This left the Marlins no choice other than trade him. Miami will be expected to go for more trading. They are in pursuit of building a perfect team for the next session. The trading window will be closing on Friday.