Tyron Woodley Thinks Jake Paul Is A Serious Opponent!

Tyron Woodley
Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley is taking fighter Jake Paul very seriously. Tyron Woodley thinks that Jake Paul is a serious fighter and one should prepare hard before fighting him. He also added that he is making preparations and is training very hard. In his mind, he is preparing himself for a fight against Canelo. Woodley is giving credit to his opponent Jake Paul. 

Tyron Woodley Is Training With Various World Champions!

Woodley, the former welterweight champion of UFC doesn’t mind saying that he is fighting against a formidable enemy. He is going to fight against Paul before his professional debut in the world of boxing! Tyron Woodley is fighting the fighter/star of YouTube in a 190-pound, eight-round catchweight match. The boxing match will take place in Cleveland’s Rocket FieldHouse on 29th August. Woodley is under an intense training session. He is preparing as if he is going against the best fighter in the world. He is being very smart about it. He is avoiding the tricks and antics of Jake Paul and preparing hard for the fight. He doesn’t want any distractions this time. 

Tyron Woodley calls this fight a great opportunity for him to get into the lane of boxing! He said the above at the press conference on Tuesday. He also added that he is training and competing with many champions of the world who are fighting to defend their belts. Tyron Woodley considers himself to be the best because he is running and training with various champions of the world. He also talked about his battle with his weight. Finally, he feels that he is ready to visit the world of boxing and is feeling renewed and refreshed! The match will turn out to be an executing one for him!

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