Mikel Arteta Of Arsenal Backs The Strong Character Of Bukayo Saka Amidst Racist Abuse!


Mikel Arteta of Arsenal backs the strong character of Bukayo Saka, winger, Arsenal as he is going through very tough times. The abuse which was racist was directed at Saka on social sites following his miss in the penalty shootout of the Euro 2020 final. He wants the teenager and talented footballer of Arsenal to overcome this racist abuse. He missed a critical penalty in the penalty shootout of the Euro 2020 final on Sunday held between two top rivals of all time, England and Italy. 

Bukayo Saka Of Arsenal Doesn’t Deserve Such Abuse!

The player who is only 19 years old missed the final penalty kick of England. His miss followed the miss of 21 years old Jadon Sancho and 23 years old Marcus Rashford. Both of these players along with Bukayo of Arsenal missed their respective penalty kicks.

All of these three players were harshly subject to abuses of racial nature online. The posts as well as the comments sparked an investigation by the police department and led to widespread condemnation. Sky Sports received news from Mikel Arteta about speaking to Bukayo and making sure that he is fine. 

Arteta called the character of Bukayo strong and added that he has already received plenty of support and love from the world of football. He has received plenty of support and love not only from his national team but from his club and every English fan.

Boris Johnson, prime minister of Britain held a significant meeting with social media corporations on Tuesday. He repeatedly asked them to continue their battle against racial abuse and abuses which are commonplace nowadays on social sites! Meanwhile, Bukayo needs to be strong and fine!

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