The Innocence Of Donald Trump, The Hidden Demon Laughs

Donald Trump

Former president Donald Trump has been trying to prove himself innocent since the beginning of the charges he started facing. His one of the evil deeds which caused misfortune, and he got caught. From fraud voting to a goons attack at Capitol hill, to rape charges, he is all over the place. A bunch of intellectual heads are working on this case, to prove his guilt. Whereas, his attorneys are playing the safe card where he could be proven innocent. Even his lawyers were ordered by the department of justice to bring forth all the documents they find in the search.

Donald Trump’s Callousness With Hiding Things

When it comes to the matter of hiding crucial documents, Trump is naive and amateur. At least what he and his lawyers are trying to portray here. Although his administration during the time of his presidency hid the evidence pretty well. And in certain cases, they burned it. And according to his lawyer’s statement, whatever they found in the house of former president Trump’s residence, they handed them over to the DOJ.

DOJ rescued a file named classified evening summary, which according to Timothy Parlatore’s client Trump, used as nightguard of a lamp. Which was disturbing his sleep, and he could not find anything, so he used that file to maintain his goodnight’s sleep. And Trump’s lawyers didn’t waste a minute handing it over to the DOJ, and it showed how sincere they are. And how harmless Donald Trump is.

Whenever the judge asked why those crucial papers doing at Trump’s residence even after two years of completing his presidency. His lawyers critically blamed the white house administration for delaying the process.