UFC Cancels News Conference After Fights In The Backstage


As a result of many altercations that occurred backstage between the competitors on the card and their teams, the UFC 279 news conference was postponed on Thursday at MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Dana White, president of the UFC, made an effort to continue the press conference by introducing each of the six fighters, in turn, two at a time, for each fight. White decided to call off the event entirely when Kevin Holland and Daniel Rodriguez spoke with the media and audience members about their fight on the pay-per-view card.

Following the postponement press conference, White said that Khamzat Chimaev and Holland, who won’t be engaged in combat on Saturday night at UFC 279, instigated the altercations. No fighter needed medical treatment, and none of the bouts on the card were in danger, according to White.

UFC Cancels News Conference Due To Fights In Break Room:

For months, Chimaev and Holland have been arguing on social media and in interviews. Before Thursday’s press conference, sources informed ESPN that Chimaev approached Holland backstage. This led to some pushing and an attempt to separate the two before Chimaev delivered a front kick to Holland. Li Jingliang, who will take on Tony Ferguson on Saturday, former fighter Tiki Ghosn, an MMA representative, and security all assisted in removing Chimaev from the area. Ghosn’s assistance was appreciated, according to White. When the two were separated, Holland reportedly started chasing after them.

In the primary contest of UFC 279, Nate Diaz takes on Chima. According to sources, when members of Diaz’s team noticed Ghosn with Chimaev, they assumed Ghosn was a member of Chimaev’s team and began yelling at him. According to sources, several members of Diaz’s squad allegedly tossed water bottles at Ghosn and Chimaev’s team.

White claims that despite slaps and kicks, Ghosn was hit with various water bottles.