Stimulus Check Payments Have Been Approved By Certain States

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The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it economic problems, along with the existing health crisis, to which the government responded by approving three distinct stimulus check payments to provide economic assistance to those that needed it the most. While the pandemic has reached manageable levels, inflation is still pretty high, and most families have been facing issues with putting food on the table. This has led to certain states offering their help in the absence of a fourth federal stimulus payment. 

In the state of California, the residents will be receiving a stimulus check payment of $200 to $1,050, which would depend on the eligibility criteria, such as marital status, income, and number of dependents that they have. The payment has also been made possible by the Middle-Class Tax Rebate, which would also be available to the taxpayers who filed their tax returns in 2020. 

Stimulus Check Payment In A Few States Coming Soon

In the state of Idaho, the state government has started offering one-time stimulus check payments of $75 for every family member, or the equivalent of 12% of the taxpayer’s tax liability. One should take note that the payments will be arriving as a tax refund for the taxpayers who have filed for their taxes on time. Due to the extreme winter weather, the state has also approved the Winter Energy Relief Payment to award checks of $450 to single taxpayers and $900 to couples. 

In New Jersey, homeowners or renters will be able to obtain a stimulus check payment if they have owned or rented a place in the state in 2019, and have also reported a maximum income of up to $150,000. 

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