Boston Gets Progressive Mayor: Michelle Wu First Asian American Woman At City’s Top Post

Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu

Michelle Wu, the city councilor, is slated to become the next mayor of Boston. The progressive candidate will become the first colored woman in the history of the city as her moderate opponent conceded defeat.

In a message to her supporters on Tuesday, she said that the city had spoken from all corners. She said that she was ready to go forward with this moment and make the city for everyone.

Michelle Wu made it clear that it was not her vision or the ballot but their combined efforts that brought them the victory.

Her opponent, Annissa E. George, City Councilor, conceded defeat with a major proportion of votes still not counted. She congratulated Michelle Wu for her becoming the first Asian American and the first woman elected as the mayor of the historic city.

Michelle Wu succeeds Kim Janey, the acting Mayor and the first Black woman at the post. Council President Janey was in line to be the Mayor when Mayor Walsh became the Labor Secretary under President Biden this January.

Poll predictions immediately before the mayoral elections showed Michelle Wu holding a comfortable lead over her rival, Essiabi George, a colored woman herself.

Michelle Wu’s Victory Marks Several Firsts In The Mayoral Election

The mayoral election was remarkably different in the history of Boston. Most of the serious contenders this year were women and a majority of them colored. It also saw the first uncontested mayoral election with no incumbent running for election in this traditional Democrat stronghold.

Michelle Wu had the backing of progressives like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, and Representative Ayanna Pressley. Wu has been a champion of hallmark policies like the Green New Deal for the city. She contested on a liberal platform that included a call for a transit system that was fare-free.

Both candidates had the support of various powerful Boston unions. But Michelle Wu’s main support base remained the progressive organizations, including the climate group the Sunrise Movement Boston, the Working Families Party, and Planned Parenthood.