NFL Free Agency Matchmaker 2022


The NFL offseason for 2022 will start on the 16th of March, but talks for the free agency have already gone underway. Most veterans with expiring contracts will start their negotiations with several other teams on the 14th of March, and that does not even account for the uncertain futures of several big names like Aaron Rodgers- who might not be a part of the Green Bay Packers. With the open market coming soon, here is a stab at where some of the top names could end up. 

Top Picks For NFL Matchmaker 2022

One of the NFL teams, the Colts could end up replacing Carson Wentz, their current QB, as they need much better pass protection. Armstead could be a big upgrade on Eric Fisher when he is healthy, not forgetting his commanding presence in the locker room. GM Chris Ballard will have to pay up to project whoever’s under center. Houston needs play-makers everywhere, but specifically at the corner. Lovie Smith, their current coach, could get a complete building block for his defense, with GM Nick Caserio who could poach Jackson from New England. At the age of 26, Jackson could be their secondary. 

One of the key pieces of the NFL Super Bowl rotation of the Rams was Von Miller, who has been poached by the Baltimore Ravens. Miller has the flexibility to be quite picky at the age of 33, and a big one-year payday would allow him a major chance to hold onto another contender before he re-evaluates his decision in 2023. Baltimore, on their part, would get the services of a plug-and-play No.1 edge man. 

NFL team Denver Broncos have also signed OLB Chandler Jones. Although they may have lost the services of Vic Fangio, it doesn’t necessarily imply that the new regime would not be investing in defense, especially with Bradley Chubb looking for a true pass-rushing partner,  and GM George Paton flushes with space in the cap.  

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