US Capitol Evacuation Due To False Alarm

US Capitol
US Capitol

There has been an event parachute going on for the military that featured the Army Golden Knights this Wednesday. This event took place at the Nationals Park of Washington where unintentionally the warning for possible threats was triggered and the US Capitol immediately asked everyone to evacuate the area by an order. 

Parachute Show At National Game Induced US Capitol To Generate Warning

The event was an exhibition where they wanted to appreciate the military people and was hosted by the Washington Nationals of the MLB. The streamers were dropped to measure the wind and then at 6:25 p.m., a pilot of the Golden Knights reported their plan to the control tower of air traffic. This tower is situated at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and the pilot made them aware of their idea to drop the parachutists and also the direction in which they were going to fly. 

However, this plan was not notified to the US Capitol Police and they shortly issues an email with the order of evacuation at 6:30 p.m. for the intrusion of aircraft. The beginning of the email had that the US Capitol is hunting for the aircraft that could threaten the Capitol Complex and then they provided various instructions for the common people living at different places of the complex. 

The police reached there immediately and started the evacuation of the campus and an alarm was ringing that could be heard from miles away. The police officials were going to every house and door and were asking people to leave as soon as possible. 

In the sky, the plane was seen making circles and people searching for answers saw parachutists making land in the park. The police declared that the people were safe after twenty minutes. There will be an investigation and review of the incident as per the administration of Federal Aviation.