US Government Has Denied Political Motivating Behind Sustained Move To Extradite Julian Assange

Julian Assange

The US administration has denied their decade-long attempt to extradite Julian Assange. The founder of Wikileaks, the whistleblowing website, has been in prison in the UK since 2019. He is wanted by the US for exposing military secrets in 2010 and 2011.

In 2006 Julian Assange founded Wikileaks and is believed to have published over 10 million documents. It includes many restricted official documents, many of which are highly sensitive and relate to intelligence, corruption, and the US military.

Many of the released information has been highly embarrassing for the US administration. The 2010 Wikileaks release included a video of unarmed civilians massacred by a US military helicopter.

However, the US government has claimed that the criminal charges against Assange. The Americans have alleged that he encouraged hacking and data theft and had compromised national security by naming sources. US government lawyers at a vital extradition hearing have vehemently denied that there was politics involved in the attempt to extradite him.

US Government Stridently Maintains Attempt to Extradite Julian Assange Not Political

The US government’s legal team has moved to counter the arguments made by Julian Assange’s lawyers earlier. They have claimed that the Americans were politically motivated in their attempt to extradite Julian Assange. They said that Assange had exposed state-backed criminality that included extrajudicial killings, torture, and rendition.

Assange has the backing of international press freedom organizations such as the National Union of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders. His prosecution has been marked unprecedented by his legal team. However, the Americans maintain that Julian Assange has gone way beyond his duties as a journalist and was stealing information and compromising the national security of the US.

Clair Dobbin, representing the US and specializing in extradition and international cooperation law, has said that Julian Assange has both stolen information and aided Chelsea Manning in stealing or leakage of classified information.