Joaquin Phoenix Golden Globes speech is testing censors

Joaquin Phoenix “The Joker” has accepted his Golden Globe award on Sunday for the best actor in drama film. However, in his scrappy speech he mentioned climate change, complimented his fellow nominees and a sweet gesture to Rooney Mara, his fianceé.

This is the second time for Phoenix to win a Golden Globe, as he won his first in 2006 for playing Johnny Cash in “Walk The Line.”

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In his speech, Phoenix said: “Contrary to popular belief, I don’t want to rock the boat. But the boat is f—— rocked,” which got redacted by the censors. Then, he addressed the wildfires in Australia.

Thanking and praising Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Phoenix addressed them for their move to serve only vegan feast at the Golden Globes as a concern for the climate change.
“I really do feel honored to be honored with you.” Phoenix added thanking his fellow nominees.
Followed by thanking the director Todd Phillips the Joker director for being an amazing friend and collaborator. However, Phoenix got choked up mentioning Mara “Rooney, I love you.”
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