USAID Blocks Food Distribution In Ethiopia


The country is in dire need of food. However, the USAID has decided not to deliver food to that country. Their government agencies and military are perhaps behind the scenes doing things. Yet the investigators didn’t show who is doing all this. They are diverting food assistance in their country. Which is leading to lamentation. Around 20 million Ethiopians are suffering from food shortages.

It was the most difficult yet much-needed action. The USAID coordinator has stated they cannot move forward with this program given the circumstances taking place in the country. The US started this to provide hunger assistance to people who are suffering from war in the country.

USAID Actions Going Cold 

A private organization that supports countries that suffer from starvation. Now Ethiopia is suffering from famine. Now the food is provided by USAID. Which is precisely being sold or diverting the direction of those materials in different directions. An investigation team is working to find out who is responsible for this misdeed. Those foods are being sold in the local market. Samantha Power, who is USAID’s administrator, confirmed the news.

The campaign was specifically made for a portion of the country called Tigray. However, the team who was giving all the efforts to assist people who are the victims of famine. They realized the campaign is being held nationwide.

The military and other government authorities are involved to make the needy suffer. There is an ongoing investigation taking place throughout the campaigns. They are yet to make a statement and find the culprits. Until then the food, cash, and fuel supplies are held tight. The US cannot effort go beyond its limits, the nation just recovered from the worst debt ceiling.