Aaron Taylor-Johnson: A Complete Biography

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Born in Buckinghamshire’s High Wycombe, Aaron Taylor-Johnson was born Aaron Perry Taylor-Johnson on 13th June 1990. The English actor is going to celebrate his 31st birthday in a few weeks. Born to Robert and Sarah Johnson, he has 1 sibling – a sister named Gemma. Gemma is an actress as well. He has the Gemini zodiac sign and follows the Judaism religion. His Senior Schooling was in Holmer Green and then pursued special acting courses at the Stage School in Jackie Palmer, specifically, singing, acrobatics, jazz, tap, and drama.

He is currently married. His marriage took place on 21st June 2012. He has two daughters with his wife Sam Taylor-Wood. Their names are Romey Hero and Wylda Rae. He also has two stepdaughters – Jessie Jopling and Angelica Jopling. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is 1.8m in height and weighs 181lbs. The blue-eyed dark brown hair actor has an estimated net worth of $16M.

Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson had started acting from the young age of 6. His first Hollywood movie was The Apocalypse. His first series/show for television was Armadillo.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

However, most of us would know actor Aaron Taylor Johnson from his role in Kick-Ass where he played one of the main characters. More popularly, he had portrayed Pietro Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Fans of Marvel Studios will recognize him as the little speedster brother of Wanda Maximoff who had died in the film.

The English actor’s breakthrough in Hollywood in 2009’s Nowhere Boy. There he had played as John Lennon, the lead role. After his popular casting in the superhero film from Marvel, he has starred in several television series and movies. Fair to say, the Hollywood actor is quite popular currently.

Aaron had also received a Golden Globe award for his portrayal of Ray Marcus in Nocturnal Animals, a film in the thriller genre. He was judged the best actor in the supporting role. He even received a BAFTA nomination in the same category for the same film.

The Claim To Fame Of Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Zack Snyder’s Kick-Ass had him as the main character. His more popular point of reference is the character Pietro Maximoff, the brother of Wanda played by Elizabeth Olsen. Furthermore, Nocturnal Animals earned him a nomination for the BAFTAs and a win in the Golden Globe Awards.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Before all the major Hollywood features, he had taken on significant and difficult roles even in the early days of his career. It included characters like Macduff’s son in Macbeth, the well-known play by Shakespeare. In the 2000s The Apocalypse, he landed a small role. It would be unexpected if most people recognize him in that Hollywood film.

However, his list of guest appearances and minor roles is long. There are even some very popular names on it. The list includes The Greatest, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging,  Dommy, The Magic Door, The Best Man, Fast Learners, The Illusionist, The Thief Lord, Dead Cool, Shanghai Knights, Behind Closed Doors, and Tom & Thomas.

The titular Hollywood breakthrough for Aaron Taylor-Johnson came with Nowhere Boy, a film that is a biographical drama about John Lennon. For the role, he received a nomination in the ALFS Awards. The role also earned him another nomination for the British Independent Film Award.

After this breakthrough, he garnered enough attention to be cas6 as a superhero in the 2010 Marvel film Kick-Ass. He played the role of David Lizewski, also called “Dave” in the superhero film that is of the black comedy genre. For the role he earned nominations in quite a few categories for the Teen Choice Awards, Scream Awards, BAFTA Rising Star Awards, and the Empire Awards.

Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson won a Golden Globe for the first time in 2016. His work as Ray Marcus in Nocturnal Animals earned him a lot more as well. The film is a psychological thriller with a neo-noir twist. His role as the supporting actor got him another supporting actor award in the Virtuosos Award. He earned nominations in the same category and role for the San Diego Film Critics Society Award and the BAFTAS.

Some of the other notable 2010 films of actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson are Tenet, A Million Little Pieces, Netflix’s Outlaw King, The Wall, Godzilla, Savages, Albert Nobbs, Kick-Ass 2, and Chatroom.

His television debut came in 2001 with the show Armadillo. His other tv shows are Nearly Famous, Coming Up, Talk To Me, Casualty, I Shouldn’t Be Alive, Feather Boy, Family Business, and The Bill.

In the coming days, actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson will feature in the West End version of The Pillowman, Martin MacDonagh’s play. It will take place at the theatre in the Duke of York. He will also feature in The King’s Man, the third part of the film series called The Kingsman. He will appear as Lee Unwin. He will also be working under the direction of actor Aaron Taylor Johnson’s wife, Sam Taylor-Johnson, in Rothko, a film in the biographical drama genre. The film is about the daughter of Mark Rothko, a painter revered in the US.

In an episode of Wandavision, a recast Pietro was teased as well. However, it is yet to be seen whether it will be Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Also, in the second installment of Doctor Strange, his character Quicksilver is touted to return. He has also recently been confirmed as another one of the upcoming Marvel characters, Kraven the Hunter, an infamous Spider man villain. The screenplay will be written by Art Marcum and JC Chandor, of Triple Frontier, will be the director. With this, he will become a part of the Marvel Universe‘s Amazing Spider Man franchise.

The Personal Relationship Status Of Aaron Taylor-Johnson

The British actor is married, sorry to say, for those who have a celebrity crush on him. His wife’s name is Sam Taylor-Wood, a director, who also goes by the name Sam Taylor-Johnson. The couple had met for the first time on the sets of Nowhere Boy, Aaron’s debut film. Back then, he was just 18 years old while Sam was already 42. The couple however did not let the age gap be a factor and began dating. Their marriage took place in the year 2012, on 21st June. The marriage ceremony was held at Somerset’s Babington House in England. His wife Sam had two daughters from the previous marriage named Jessie and Angelica Jopling.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Needless to say, society was in an uproar over the couple’s marriage because of the age gap. The paparazzi had chased him for a long time and placed far too much attention for the age-gap marriage. He had admittedly become extremely anxious which led to a lot of grief because of this period.

In 2021 April, however, the rumors had begun flying about among the tabloids. Sam Taylor-Johnson, the director’s wife, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson were getting divorced. The rumor about the potential divorce was generated when the couple started looking for buyers for their home in Hollywood Hills. There is yet to be any confirmation about a miserable marriage.

Presently, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is at a very high point in their career as a Hollywood actor. He also has a significant place in the film industry in Britain. By now, his career has lasted for more than 20 years. As such, his net finances is estimated to be about 16 million USD

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Trivia

The actor’s father is a normal civil engineer while his mother is a typical housewife. In the video game based on Kick-Ass, the main character is voiced by the actor, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He also appeared in the music video named “Uberlin” which was produced by R.E.M. The Taylor-Johnson couple has a large age gap, 24 years specifically. The couple mutually agreed to share the surname Taylor-Johnson after the actor’s marriage with director Sam Taylor-Wood.

Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson was also named as among the top fifty British men who are well-dressed in 2015. His previous dating partners were Georgia Groome and Alice Connor.

Usually, Aaron likes focusing on one project at a time so that he can give his all into the project. To that extent, work is admittedly therapeutic for Aaron. Be that as it may, his number one priority has always been his family and his daughters.

During his schooling days, Aaron never talked about his already budding career as an actor. He was afraid that the people around him would think of it negatively. When he was asked why he was absent from school, he would simply say that he was out of the station. His experience in dancing and gymnastics in Jackie Palmer Stage School was a big help when he filmed the action sequences in the Kick-Ass series of films. The action sequences were choreographed but he had a natural talent for it.

He had a short troubling experience before his career as an actor began. He had to live in one of Amsterdam’s red-light districts along with his mother for 6 months. The two were still residing there when Tom & Thomas, the debut feature film of the actor, was being filmed. Daniel Day-Lewis and Gary Oldman are actor Aaron’s favorite actors.

He did not have a very luxurious life when he was a child. He said himself that he was raised in an area on the outskirts of London which was pretty rubbish. His schooling lasted from 1996 to 2008. His childhood appearances in the Shakespearean play Macbeth were staged at London’s Queen’s Theater. He was only 10 then. The first film in which he featured was in 2002, named Tom & Thomas. The actor had also participated in BBC adaptations such as that of “Feather Boy”, originally a novel.

Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Experiences

In Kick-Ass, he had acted alongside Nicolas Cage and Chloe Moretz. In Anna Karenina, the drama based in Russia, he also played alongside Keira Knightley. He had played the character “Count Vronsky”. The film was adapted from Leo Tolstoy’s novel with the same name.

In England, his bid to fame and popularity came in 2008 through the film Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging where he was cast as ‘Robbie Jennings’. After that performance, almost every English household who watched films knew of Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

He had moved to Los Angeles in the United States when he was only 15. He did it in a bid to progress his prospects as an actor. So far, it has paid off. He had left high school at this time as well for the same reason.  

The friends of Aaron gave him the nickname “Benjamin Button”. It is a reference to the Benjamin Button character in Brad Pitt’s film of the same name. His friends and those who know him think that Aaron too becomes younger with time like in the film. Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson admits that there was a period in life when he was very self-destructive mainly because of his habits of smoking and drinking.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

In his role in 2006’s The Illusionist, he was present in Edward Norton’s early scenes when he was having a flashback. He had played the character of Eduard Abramovicz. In the scenes, teenage Eduard was just learning how to do magic. To properly depict it, Aaron also had to teach himself the trick with the ball in the film that his character does. He also taught himself many other things because of this film such as balancing an egg on a stick.

In 2010’s Albert Nobbs, Aaron was not supposed to be in the film at all. However, Orlando Bloom had to be replaced and he filled in the role. During the production of the film, Bloom’s wife was pregnant which forced the unavoidable circumstances. “Uberlin” was also under the direction of his wife Sam, who was his fiancée back then.

By 2012 when he starred in Savages by Oliver Stone, critics were pointing out how much he had matured as an actor since his role in Kick-Ass. Drew McWeeny, a film critic with HitFix, also highlighted the positive bond between Taylor Kitsch and Johnson. He said that it not only appeared credible but was also authentic for the duration of the film.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s role as Quicksilver in Avengers: Age Of Ultron was not his first appearance in the MCU franchise. He had first appeared in a scene after the credits had rolled in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. Moreover, that was not the first time he was playing alongside Elizabeth Olsen either. Olsen had played as his wife in 2014’s Godzilla reboot.

Apart from MCU, with his role as the greatest hunter Kraven, he will become a part of Sony’s universe. In it, Carnage is the latest installment thus far. Sony’s Marvel Film is being built around Venom.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was also the only actor apart from Richard Benjamin to have won a Golden Globe for being the best actor in the supporting role who was not nominated by the Academy Awards. In The Wall, he had played alongside John Cena.

His GQ nomination among the top 50 well-dressed British men is a testament to the actor’s fashion sense. A usual fan of him amaze at his acting skills, but his skills in the fashion department are nothing to scoff at.

As for all of his children being daughters, Aaron Taylor-Johnson had said in an interview that women had raised him. Now, he is looking forward to raising these four women. He admitted that he had found it easier among women. He considers his wife Sam as the best person his daughters can aspire to be and is hopeful that they will become strong adults in the future.

In conclusion, we do not know if he will ever reprise his role as Quicksilver in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor has horrible experiences being in the center of attention after the marriage with the age difference became public. However, the two are definitely in love for now. His acting career is still rising and fans can expect multiple pictures from actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the coming years.