Hunter Biden’s Shady Business Is Now Being Investigated

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden and his company made roughly $11 million through his work as an attorney and board member for a Ukrainian corporation accused of bribery, as well as his work with a Chinese billionaire now accused of fraud, from 2013 to 2018.

At the time, James and Hunter Biden were in the middle of a profitable agreement with Chinese businesspeople, while Joe Biden was out of the public eye for the first time in over a half-century, having stepped down as vice president a few months before. Hunter Biden was also dealing with substance abuse, financial difficulties, and a publicized connection with his late brother Beau’s wife. Hunter Biden, at least as much as his renowned father, looked to his uncle for emotional support in the midst of it all.

Hunter Biden And James Biden Were In The Business Together

Hunter also entrusted financial concerns to James Biden, who goes by the moniker Jim and is affectionately referred to as Jimmy by his family.

Hunter obtained another message from his uncle a few days later, pushing him to take full advantage of a cash opportunity tied to Joe Biden. Even if the particular subject is not, the urgency is evident. In many respects, James Biden has always been the guardian in the Biden family, the one who did make sure the equipment functioned while his brother rose; President Biden referred to him as “my brother Jimmy, who repairs everything” as recently as late last year.

He’s been there during the tough moments, comforting grieving family members, visiting loved ones in hospitals, and getting them into treatment when necessary. He was present during his brother’s first wedding and was in the hospital when Beau died. When Joe had a brain aneurysm, he sought out a neurosurgeon. He even assisted Hunter in painting his law school flat. When Joe Biden was elected president, his brother was given the responsibility of refurbishing the White House.

However, from the beginning of Joe Biden’s political career, James, who is 7 years younger, has crossed ethical lines that his brother has avoided, leaving a tangled trail of financial deals and vexing litigation in his wake.

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